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Mikhail Berlix Shawcroft

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1 Mikhail Berlix Shawcroft on Sun Mar 22, 2009 7:37 am

Personal details
Name: Mikhial Berlix Shawcroft
Birth date and give age: 29th April - Age 16
Place of birth: London
Current living town/city/etc: Essex
Blood Status: Pureblood - A pureblood that he is, his family is not as rich as the Malfoys or the Blacks, but his family isn't that poor either. They have just enough money to be happy and to buy what they need.
Nicknames: Mik, Mike ... "Whatever you want. The more entertaining it is, the better!"


Mother: Jelena (Berlix) Shawcroft
Brief description:- Russian.
Moved away from Russia because of the danger towards Wizards and Witches. At the age of 25 she was living a lot safer in London with her new husband Edward, married two years later at 27.

Father: Edward Shawcroft
Brief description:- English.
Because of working circumstances, Edward travelled a lot, helping many Wizard and Witches - this is where he and Jelena met and not long after they were in Britain where they had their first child, Edwina (Mikail’s half sister) who was born on their wedding day. Edward thinking Jelena was utterly beautiful while with child, her being heavily pregnant during the wedding made that special day even more special.

Siblings: Edwina Dominika Shawcroft
Brief description:- 4th year in Hogwarts. Mikhail is very protective of his [half] sister.

Further family/background info:
Mikhail's real father was killed by Muggles when Mikhail was 5 years of age - his mother used magic to protect her and her son from the 4 men and moved away from their home town. Mikhail doesn't remember a lot, if anything at all but sometimes he has nightmares of that night, sometimes messing him up for a few days, or longer.
His mother re-married, where Mikhail took on Edwards name but also kept his father name in respect and memory.


House and year: Slytherin; Year 6
Wand: Ligunm Vitae Wand - The Merlin 16” Essence of Dragon’s Whisker

Favourite/best Lesson(s) and why:
~ Potions - “It’s amazing what you can do and create in Potions. Will I ever get bored of it? Depends, but I think not. While on that subject, I have a prank to see to.”

A lot of people might think that Mikhail is an idiotic, raging Russian, but putting that aside Mikhail is quite intelligent in his classes, taking on a lot to cram his brain with information.

Least favourite/worst lesson(s) and why:
~ History of Magic - “It would be probably alright if it wasn‘t so friggin’ boring”
~ Divination - “Is there any point in this lesson? I don‘t even think the professor knows … well, don’t think she knows anything worth while.”

Opinions on other houses:
“Ooh, the touchy subject! People are people. Wizards are wizards and witches are witches. You can either come across an idiotic f**k you personally don’t like or someone you can get along with, no matter what house they‘re in.
We‘re stereotyped. I don‘t like every Slytherin - some are stuck up f**ks you just want to start on, and I don‘t dislike everyone else who isn’t in my house. I think you get my point”

What will happen after Hogwarts/hoping to get what out of Hogwarts? Undecided - Mikhail has decided, he just doesn’t want to say for unknown reasons.

Personality and appearance

“Words that would describe myself? Alright … Playful - Just because I’m a Slytherin doesn‘t make me so bloody stuck up and s**t; so boring. I like to mess around, you know? Laughter makes you live longer … Bulls**t. It’s just addictive.”
“Clever - I know I am,” *chuckles* “people say I am and thus I say I’m smart. I crave knowledge like them Ravenclaws I guess. But you wont see me wasting my life in the Library”
“Sadist” *plane look upon his face. He shrugs* “Nothing to say about that, I think you know what the word means.”
“Good looking!” *he chuckles, brushing his hair from his face* “You can‘t say you don’t want me” *the smile stays locked onto his face*
“Talkative - I could really ramble someone to their death. It’s my speciality” *Laughing smile. He cracks his left index finger with the palm of his other hand*
“Rule-breaker - It happens … A lot”
“Trust worthy - Some might find this hard to believe. You either don‘t know me well enough or you just don‘t want to at all. Just because I’m Russian …” *Smirking smile*
“Noticed I Haven’t said that I’m nice, friendly and … all that s**t? I can be a bastard, but if I like you I can be somewhat nice towards you. Heck, I could even … well, I’ll leave that for you to find out. Nothing bad. Well, not to you I guess. Sometimes it depends on my mood? Ah, I don‘t give a s**t. Oh, and for the record, I’m not a miserable t**t that I sometimes look, act like - I’m just bored” *smiles*

Bad habits: Has a habit of cracking his knuckles, smoking, the like of knifes and muggle way of fighting, swearing, and some say that talking is a bad habit and that he should shut up - "How about you f**k off, yeah?"

Eye and hair colour and style: Green eyes and dark brown hair, almost looking black at various times.

Dress sense: A tidy casual most of the time - not an over top smart look like a lot well-being, rich purebloods. To him, wearing all the smart dressings doesn’t hold a lot of personality for him, and with that he has a like for a lot of the Muggle clothing.
Mikhail can pull off the bad boy image pretty well.

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