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Betta's Hogsmeade apartment

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1 Betta's Hogsmeade apartment on Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:29 pm

Betta rolled her eyes as she threw her broomstick over on her bed, then flopped down on her couch. If she never saw another Death Eater male in her life, it would be a day too soon. She couldn't stand Karkaroff...she loathed Dolohov, despite the fact that her father was a big supporter of a marriage between herself and Antonin...Rookwood was a major jerk...She let out an aggravated groan and closed her eyes.

She was also sick of being pressured into taking the Dark Mark. Although she wasn't overly fond of Muggles, she wasn't about to go around murdering them for no reason, as her parents apparently did. Yet they dangled the prospect of a wealthy marriage in front of her face if she would become a follower of the Dark Lord. While the prospect was tempting, she still wasn't overly impressed with her choices.

Her apartment was cold...she pointed her wand at her fireplace; a second later, flames crackled cheerfully. After sitting there for a few more minutes, she got up to fix something to eat.

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