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Jerith McKennon

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1 Jerith McKennon on Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:49 pm

Name: Jerith Thomas McKennon
House: Slytherin alumnus
Wand: 14", cedar, dragon's tooth
Blood: Pureblood
Status: Single, a huge flirt, but head over heels in love with Betta Domenici.
Years at Hogwarts: 1971-1978
Alignment: Death Eater


The first thing one should know about Jerith McKennon is that he's a vampire. Born to William and Melissa McKennon, both of whom are part of established wizarding families, he was turned when he was but seven years old, by a vampire named Belladonna. It happened on a camping trip in the Swiss Alps; Jerith had wandered too far away from the campsite and ran into Belladonna, who lured him into the forest with promises of candy and other delicious items which his parents would never allow him to eat. Unbeknownst to him, the treats had been spiked with a strong sleeping draught, and not long after eating them, he fell into a deep sleep. During this time, Belladonna had bitten him and had drunk deeply of his blood, putting some of her own blood on the inside of his lips, where he was sure to ingest it.

It was not long afterward that he noticed that he was no longer the way he was before the camping trip. He had a strong desire for blood and fresh meat; his hearing and vision had grown more acute, and he found himself becoming more and more interested in the art of seduction, which he ended up perfecting during his years at Hogwarts (ending up in various broom closets with girls fourth year and older). His one frustration had been his inability to bag the one girl he desired most--Elisabetta Domenici, whom he knew to be somewhat interested in Severus Snape, although she'd never seriously pursued anything with Snape.

Jerith is aligned with the Death Eaters, his parents having been surprisingly delighted with their son's transformation and bringing him immediately to the Dark Lord, who was also pleased with him and promised to make him a full Death Eater when the time was appropriate.

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