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Elisabetta Simone-Juliette Domenici

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1 Elisabetta Simone-Juliette Domenici on Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:08 pm

Name: Elisabetta Domenici
Birthday: December 13, 1959
House: Slytherin alumna
Years at Hogwarts: 1970-1977
Wand: 13", mahogany, veela hair core
Blood: Pure blood
Status: Single
Alignment: Unaligned as of now, but is under pressure to receive the Dark Mark

Biography: Elisabetta, or Betta, as she is more commonly known, was born to Richard and Simone Domenici, a prominent pureblood wizarding couple. She has had the best of everything in life; has been denied nothing. This has come at a high price, however, because Betta has begun to be pressured into receiving the Dark Mark (her parents are in the Dark Lord's inner circle, and they expect her to follow in their footsteps). To encourage her, they have begun to show her around their circle of Death Eater friends, particularly the single males, promising a very good marriage to any one of them if she would only take the Mark.

Academically, Betta excelled in Defense of the Dark Arts and Divination, although on the side, she began learning about Legilimancy and Occlumency.

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