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Bloor's Academy- December 31st

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26 Re: Bloor's Academy- December 31st on Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:37 pm

There was a small silence but then Mimi slowly buttoned her dress back up again. She silently picked herself off of Manfred's bed, sighing. When she was all ready, she took a step closer to Manfred, her hands still shaking. "I don't get you anymore! You used to... - enough with the ''used to's!" you're not the same person I met that night... Mimi shook herself out of that memory. This relationship seems to be detiriorating. Do you agree with me Manfred?"

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27 Re: Bloor's Academy- December 31st on Tue Mar 31, 2009 3:45 pm

Manfred looked at her for a while, his breathing a bit deeper then usual. "No. I don't." He took her wrist and led her to the door opening it. "Goodnight Mimi." he muttered, letting go over her hand once she was past the threshold.

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28 Re: Bloor's Academy- December 31st on Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:02 pm

Mimi was quite annoyed. "Wait-Manfred... I have a question. I just wanna know-when we were... making out over there, you liked it! You did Manfred! Is something holding you back from me? Is it because I'm not the prettiest girl here? Because if it is... if it is, then Idk.... I'll change my looks, the way I dress... Mimi saw that Manfred wasn't paying the least bit of attention. She didn't care, though. She had to get it over with. She took a deep, deep breath and took a step closer to him. Mimi was very emotional and tears were falling down her pale cheeks, making the eyeliner smudge. "Manfred... Manfred I love-" Mimi was taken aback. Her facial expression was too much to explain. There in front of her... standing in front of her was... MANFRED'S FATHER. The scariest, meanest headmaster. "Umm... I uhh... I love your father!" Mimi blurted out. Her hands were shaking much more than before, her face as if someone did something too horrible to imagine.

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29 Re: Bloor's Academy- December 31st on Tue Mar 31, 2009 5:59 pm

((Im doing this for you Mimi... lol)) ((*breaths deeply* Omg I am SO in the mood to make Dr. B- wait wth is he called DR???? HES NOT EVEN A FREAKIN DOCTER!!!! Oh I am SO confused...)))

Manfred rolled his eyes grabbing her arm and pushing her into the hall he was about to slam to door when she started saying it. I love you. But before she could finish his Dad walked up. GREAT. Manfred didn't know if he should be happy, pissed or scared. MR. (((YEAH!!! GOT A PROBLEM?? DIDN'T THINK SO!))) Bloor looked over his son, and by the state of his clothes and hair could tell exactly what he had just been doing. Manfred looked away. "Excuse me girl? You shouldn't even be in the west wing. Would you like to explain to me what you'd been doing?" he narrowed his eyes and Manfred rolled his eyes, looking away again. "Dad she was jus-"
"I asked HER Manfred. Well?"

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30 Re: Bloor's Academy- December 31st on Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:10 pm

"Im sorry. Manfred forcefully grabbed me... and we had a bit of an affair." Mimi was going to stop when she realized that was terribly wrong. "I.. I mean it was also my fault..." Mimi could do no better. She was sweating all over, and couldn't think of a normal excuse.

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31 Re: Bloor's Academy- December 31st on Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:23 pm

"Excuse me??" Manfred said eyebrows raised. Oh she was DEAD. BEYOND DEAD. His father looked back at him as if it was so typical that Manfred would do this yet so typical for her to lie. His eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms. "Miss Tanz, get the hell away from this door into you bed and if I see you back in the west wing again you will be suspended. Is that clear?" His voice was deep, the sort of voice that could boom out over 500 voices without a speaker. Manfred rolled his eyes knowing he was about to get some lecture, just because his Dad didn't know the truth. Bitch.... I am so gonna murder her for this...

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32 Re: Bloor's Academy- December 31st on Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:28 pm

Mimi was a little relieved. Manfred's a real bastard! she thought to herself angrily as she rushed down the hall. I mean, he should have known this was gonna happen!

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33 Re: Bloor's Academy- December 31st on Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:30 pm

Manfred rolled his eyes before going back into his room. He was followed by his father who closed the door behind him. At first the voices were calm, questioning, concerned, and slightly pissed off. As it continued the voices got louder, one of them a booming echo. More shouting followed, the other voice strained and frustrated. It ended with a curse, a blow and silence.
Manfred stood glaring angrily at the floor, his face red. Partly embarrassment, partly anger. The silence continued, Dr. Bloor watching his son carefully through narrowed eyes.
"I want to transfer." The words were out before he thought of what would happen afterwards. Manfred looked up glaring.
"You WHAT?" yelled Dr. Bloor. The only thing on Dr. Bloor's face was shock.
"Yeah... I want to transfer. You didn't expect me to be here forever did you?? I mean with Mum-"
"Manfred." Dr. Bloor's voice was warning, telling his son to shut up.
"Im just saying that you got your money. So I don't see what you need me for- its not like your going to die in the next few years. And by the time you do I'll be married and probably rule the world." The last part was a joke but obviously his father didn't find it to funny.
"Even if you are done school, and you do come back to take it, that doesn't give you the right to give up your responsibility here. You'll stay here."
"Responsibility?? You use me!! All the time!! Its education, work, and money for god's sake!" Manfred didn't get it. His dad didn't seriously think he'd stay here and take over??? By the time his father died, Manfred would either be dead, the fortune would be lost or the battle would be won. Wth did it matter to him if Manfred left or not??
"We don't USE you Manfred. You HELP us. And as my son that's your job. If you can't deal with it then I could always disown you."
Manfred rolled his eyes. RIIIIIIIGHHHTT like his dad would ever disown him. He was the only child... if he disowned him he'd have to go and get another women pregnant. And we all saw how great that one worked first time round...
"Im just saying- you don't need me to do every little thing. There are other kids- a lot of them stronger than me. Besides, I hardly do much and Grandfather can-"
"Can you stop with this silliness?? Your bloody fifteen!!! A fifteen year old boy should not be running around London! Especially not someone like you!" His father's voiced raised again, telling Manfred he was toeing the line. Manfred didn't care though... he NEEDED to get out of here...
"I won't be running around London Dad... I was thinking of going to Hogwarts. No one will notice there and besides they're all-"
"ENOUGH! I'm sick of hearing this wizard thing!! Forget it alright?? Your grandfather was stupid to teach you and your not going through with it. So be happy with what you have and forget it!" Ok... so the direct approach wasn't working... guess guiltiness, begging and persuading was all he had left. After thirty minutes, Manfred's father took a long look at him. "Fine. One year. But don't get your hopes up... I can always change my mind."
Smirking, Manfred nodded. Finally.

Now... just to tell Mimi.

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34 Re: Bloor's Academy- December 31st on Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:55 pm

wth do i write?! could u continue!?))))

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