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Elliryanna Christine Dawson(Riddle)

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1 Elliryanna Christine Dawson(Riddle) on Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:40 pm

Name:Elliryanna Christine Dawson
Birthdate:July 23rd
Blood Status:Pureblood

Eye Color:Grey
Hair Color:Brown
Height:5fppt 6inches
Wand:11 inch willow and silver

Years You Attended School:

Mothers Name:
Fathers Name:
Any Siblings?:

Bio:Umm..ill exaggerate later...but...She is the mother of elena adair. She was married to Tom at one point, though after she gave birth, he cast her aside and left her to rot. Elena despises him for leaving Elli. She lives secluded in a hidden spot of Voldemorts knowledge.

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